Security Policy

Recommendations and guidelines for the use of this site


QIVANA MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. views its members' information security as being of the utmost importance, and therefore invests considerable resources for protecting members' information securely while enabling interaction with the site and utilizing the most advanced and powerful security procedures and encryption systems available.


All individuals using services must be authorised to do so. All authorised users will be assigned a unique username and password.

Individual usernames and passwords will be used to authenticate access by members to authorised services.

Access and associated sites by entering your username and password. Such login information is private and personal and shall not be disclosed to any other parties. Members are responsible for keeping their password secure and not divulging it to anyone else. If a member changes their password, they should ensure that it is secure and conforms to the existing standards. When logging in to the system with your personal details, ensure that there are no unauthorised person(s) around you.

Where a member suspects that an unauthorised person is using another's password to access the systems, they should report the incident immediately to the helpdesk.

Never disclose your password to anyone, including customer service personnel. If anyone asks about your password, do not disclose it and inform our customer service personnel immediately. Do not store your username and password in your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Individuals must not attempt to access systems or services for which they are not authorised.

Any and all suspected breaches of authentication mechanisms should be reported immediately to LetChat Helpdesk who will initiate an investigation and take appropriate action, including liaising with data owners and administrators where necessary.


Select a password that is not easy to decipher. Your password should include minimum 6 random alphabets and numbers. You should change your password once every 3 months.

You should change your password immediately if you have previously disclosed your password to any other parties.


At the end of any activity in the system, be sure to exit properly by clicking Logout.

Information security resources are stored on LetChat system. The system is protected by firewall and the firewall will only allow access to system services. LetChat monitors, controls and records all communication and activities within the system. Our information security experts conduct regular safety checks.

Last Updated : 22/05/2017