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Member Benefits

Why LetChat? Enjoy all these benefits when you join as LetChat members. Gain points everytime you do prepaid reloads, paybills, make online booking and much more.

  • Debit Card
  • Membership Card
  • Pay Bills
  • Prepaid Reloads
  • Book Hotels, Movies & Holidays
  • Book Bus, Train & Flight
  • e-Mall
  • Coin Transfer

Debit Card

LetChat e-Wallet

Create your LetChat e-Wallet to receive and make cross-border payments absolutely free. Save money making instant mass payouts and access your funds anywhere in the world.

LetChat Prepaid MasterCard®

Order your LetChat Card to access your funds anywhere in the world. Feel free to withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases across the globe.

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LetChat Merchant Service

Accept payments with your LetChat Merchant Account. Manage your funds to pay your suppliers, employees and partners. Versatile API will make integration with LetChat easy and secure.

Membership Card

LetChat Membership Card is a premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward program, partnering with merchants from varous industries and businesses to offer LetChat members an unparallel value for their lifestyle choices. Collecting reward points with LetChat membership card is as easy as 1,2, 3!

You'll accumulate LetChat Points that can be used to redeem a wide range of FREE quality and trendy gifts.
You can even accelerate Points collection by roping in your family Members so that you can redeem Gifts at a faster pace!

Coin Transfer

Buy and Sell digital currency. LetChat Coin Transfer is a popular way to buy and sell bitcoin and other digital currencies. LetChat Coin Transfers makes it possible to transfer value anywhere in a very easy way and it allows you to be in control of your money. Such great features also come with great ease-of-use with LetChat.

  • 400 Banks
  • 7,000 Cash pickup outlets
  • 12 Countries

Prepaid Reloads

No more running to the store. Our fast paced life requires an instant solution to get the mundane tasks completed instantly. Instead of doing things the conventional way, why not reload your prepaid phone or purchase game reloads at LetChat instead? Reload any regional Mobile Prepaid plan right here, right now!

and many more..

Pay Bills

Now with LetChat PayBills you have the luxury of paying your monthly bills in the comfort and convenience of your own home, or anywhere else for that matter. Enjoy all these benefits when you use our services:

and many more..

Book Bus, Train & Flight

LetChat empowers the travelers. LetChat travel booking is the simplest way to find and book bus, train and flight travel across the region. Now you can book the best deals on the go with LetChat app. Compare and book trips, view your past reservations, and save your favorite frequently searched trips all from the app.

Book Hotel, Movies & Holidays

Now members can search for best holiday offers, book online or via their mobile app, pay online, and receive their printable confirmation.


LetChat E-Mall is the best shopping destination for smart shoppers. Try LetChat E-Mall and be amazed with the selection of shopping categories. We partner with the best e-commerce company to provide you with all your favorite brands at the best offers available anywhere.

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